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How to collect contacts of subscribers
How to collect contacts of subscribers
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What is inside

How the request for contacts from subscribers works

You can request contacts from subscribers before they are added to the funnel via a sitelink.

Email and/or phone will automatically be saved to their profiles:

How to set up a contact request from subscribers

1. Select a funnel to which subscribers will be added after filling in contacts:

2. Go to the «Settings» section and in the "Links" block, click the "Add" button:

3. Enter a title for the link. If necessary, set its validity period and the number of additions to the product:

4. Click "Additional settings":

5. Select the contacts that will be requested before being added to the product:

7. If necessary, change the message text before the request:

8. If necessary, change the text of messages for a second request:

9. Click "Add":

Now you can safely share the link with the audience 👌🏻

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