How to connect PayPal
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PayPal Business is not currently available for use in Ukraine. Please take into account this information and use payment systems suitable for your region.

What is inside:

Create an app with PayPal

1. Log in to your PayPal account and go to the PayPal Developer page in the Dashboard section:

2. Switch the Sandbox mode to Live.

3. Go to the "Apps & credentials" tab and click "Create App":

4. Add an app name and click "Create App":

5. After creation, you will see access keys for integration with other systems, these keys need to be added to Zenedu:

Connect PayPal to Zenedu

1. Go to the "Payment Methods" section in your account settings and click "Add":

2. Enter the name of the payment method, the subscriber will see this name during checkout. Select Paypal as payment type:

3. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret values ​​from Paypal and enter them into the appropriate fields.

4. Copy the Webhook address and return to the Paypal developer page.

Create a PayPal Webhook

1. On the developer page, scroll down and find the Sandbox Webhooks section, click on the "Add Webhook" button:

2. Paste the Webhook address copied from the Zenedu payment settings and check the box next to "All events":

3. Click save.
4. Copy Webhook ID:

5. Paste the Webhook ID into the appropriate field in Zenedu:

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