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How to send a message to a subscriber
How to send a message to a subscriber
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1. Open the profile of the subscriber you want to send a message to:

2. Click on the "Start Chat" button:

3. You will open a chat with the subscriber, where you can send him any content up to 2 GB: text, images, GIF animations, video, audio, files, stickers, voice or video messages:

The subscriber will receive messages directly in his bot:

How to delete or edit a message in a chat?

You can delete a message from the chat and the subscriber's bot at the same time within 48 hours after sending. Edit previously sent messages of any format, except for video messages (in a circle) and stickers without a time limit. To do this, hover over the message and click on the three dots:

In the window, select the "Delete" or "Edit message" function.

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