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How to integrate Zenedu with Zapier apps
How to integrate Zenedu with Zapier apps
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Zapier helps integrate 6000+ other services with Zenedu without programmer assistance

For example, you'll be able to send data about new Zenedu subscribers directly to Google Sheets or new orders to any popular CRM.

How to integrate Zapier with Zenedu

Step 1. Preparing Integration

Before integration, be sure to have at least one subscriber or order on your account depending on the connection you wish to create with Zenedu and Zapier.

This will enable Zapier to pull sample data from your account to test the connection.

Step 2. Connect Zenedu to Zapier Apps

Zenedu can send webhooks whenever you have a new subscriber, a new order, or an order status change.

Zapier listens for these webhooks and in turn creates or updates the data in a third-party system.

  • Sign into Zapier and click Create Zap

  • In the Trigger window that opens, select (or find via search) Zenedu:

  • Select trigger (Event)

    • Choose New Subscriber to get user data for new subscriber on your accout

    • Choose New Order to get user data on new order on your account

    • Choose New Order Status to get data when order status changes

    • Choose Subscriber Filled Contacts to receive new subscriber data after requesting contact information (email, phone number)

Step 3. Connect Zapier to your Zenedu Account

After selecting your trigger, you'll need to connect to your Zenedu account.

If you are connecting for the first time, you will be asked to enter your account API key, which is located in your account settings.

  • Copy API key from API section in your account settings.

  • Click Sign in on Account section.

  • In the window that opens, enter the previously copied API key.

Step 4. Select bot and testing

The next step is to select a bot from the drop-down list, whose data you will work with in the future, and proceed with testing to make sure things are working:

You can now connect another Zapier App to use the data sent from Zenedu!

Integration Example Zenedu x Google Sheets

To create an integration with Google Sheets, open Zapier and create a new Zap :

Next, select the Trigger:

In the window that opens, select Zenedu or search for Zenedu:

Next, select what will be the trigger for the data transfer:

Select your Zenedu account and click "Continue" :

Specify with which bot the integration will take place:

Make sure the trigger is working correctly:

If everything is set up correctly - you will see the following result:

Check the correctness of the data and click "Continue"

Before you continue customizing the integration - create a google table with the required fields:

After successful test results, proceed to customizing the integration itself.
Zapier will automatically open the integration settings after clicking the "Continue with selected record" button.

In the window that opens, select Google Sheets:

After, select "Create Spreadsheet Row":

Authorize with your google account:

After that, in the fields provided, select your google drive, the name of the table, and the name of the sheet in the table you created.

In the drop-down lists, select the values that will populate the table:

Once you have filled in all the fields, click "Continue":

Be sure to test the integration:

As a result of a successful test, the data will automatically populate the table:

Congratulations! You have set up the Zenedu x Google Sheets integration.
Save Zap, publish and all new orders will be automatically added to the table!

This is just one of the possible uses of Zapier.
You can get information about new, subscribers, orders, order status changes and transfer this information to the services you need.

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