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How to connect Wayforpay
How to connect Wayforpay
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How to connect WayForPay to Zenedu

1. Go to Store Settings in your WayForPay account:

2. Select the store you want to connect to Zenedu:

3. Find the Info and Merchant details blocks:

Do not close the page - you will need to enter this data in Zenedu later.

4. Go to Account SettingsPayment Methods and click Add:

5. Select Automatic payment method.

6. Enter the name of the payment method and select the WayForPay payment system:

7. In the Domain field, paste the website address that you previously found in the Info block:

8. In the Merchant login and Merchant secret key fields, enter the data you previously found in the Merchant details block.

9. Click Add. You're done!

How to activate subscription payments

If you plan to accept subscription payments via WayForPay, you need to additionally activate this feature.

To activate it, please send an email to [email protected] with the following content: "Good afternoon! Please activate token processing for merchant *Merchant name* in order to use recurring payments on the Zenedu platform."

If you don't activate subscription payments on the WayForPay side, the customer will only be able to pay for the tariff for the first time (for example, for 1 month). After this period, subsequent payments will not be charged, and access to products, channels, or groups in Zenedu will be closed.

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