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How to make a newsletter
How to make a newsletter
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To send a message to subscribers:

1. Create a new funnel. For convenience, you can call it "Mailing":

2. Add a step to the funnel that you want to send to subscribers:

3. Select the time to send the "No" step and save it:

4. Return to the previous page and activate the funnel:

5. In the "Subscribers" section, select all subscribers:

6.Click Mass Actions → Add to Funnel:

7. Select the previously created funnel and click "Add":

8. Open the funnel again and click on the ⋮ icon next to the step you want to submit:

9. Select "Send":

10. In the window that opens, filter the subscriber segment for which you want to send a newsletter:

11. Select "Send Instantly" or "Send Later" and click "Send"

In the future, you will be able to add new messages to the funnel for distribution and send them in the same way. If there are more subscribers, add them to the funnel by repeating steps 5-7.

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