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How to turn on auto-delete steps
How to turn on auto-delete steps
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How auto-delete steps work

The steps received by subscribers will be automatically deleted from them in the bot after the selected time. The maximum is after 48 hours.

Why you need auto-delete steps

Autodelete steps is useful when you want to:

  • Create a feeling of scarcity in the marketing funnels for the audience, thereby more actively involving people in viewing content

  • To prevent subscribers from viewing the received steps in the bot after closing access to the product

How to turn on auto-delete steps

To turn on auto-delete steps:

1. Open the product or funnel in which you want to enable automatic deletion of steps:

2. Open the step for which you want to configure auto-delete:

3. Next to Auto Delete, click on Never:

4. In the window that opens, select the auto-delete time In:

5. Enter the number of hours/minutes/seconds after which the step will be deleted:

The maximum time to remove a particular step is 48 hours

6. Click on the Done button:

How to turn off auto-delete steps

To turn off auto-delete steps - select the auto-delete time Never in the pop-up window and click on the Done button:

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