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How to add modules
How to add modules

Для объединения нескольких шагов вместе.

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Why modules are needed

Modules are useful when you want to combine multiple steps within the same theme together.

For example, you have a 100-lesson English for Travel course. To make it easier and faster for subscribers to find the content they need, it's a good idea to organize lessons into modules "At a restaurant", "At the airport", "At a hotel", etc.

Subscribers will see the modules in the menu when they open the product navigation:

How to add modules

To add a new module:

1.Select the desired product:

2. Go to the "Modules" tab:

3. Click on the "Add" button:

4. Enter the name of the module:

5. Select the lessons that will be included in the module:

6. Click "Add":

You can also customize the text when selecting modules and their display in the menu.

How to change the order of modules

To change the order of modules, hover over the icon with six dots and drag the module to the desired location:

How to remove modules

To remove a module:

1. Click on the icon with a cross next to the module:

2. Click on the "Delete" button in the window that opens:

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