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Zenedu plans and pricing
Zenedu plans and pricing
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Zenedu plans

Zenedu offers two plans: Basic and Pro. The primary difference between them is that the Pro plan includes additional features:

  • Zen AI (soon)

  • Advanced API and Zapier Actions

  • Advanced automations

  • Remove Zenedu branding

  • Custom domain

  • Priority support

The pricing of the Zenedu plans varies based on the number of subscribers and the monthly revenue generated within the account.

In other words — you pay more only when you earn more and your audience / number of projects increases:


Revenue per months

Price per months for Basic

Price per months for Pro

1 000

$1 000



2 500

$5 000



5 000

$10 000



10 000

$20 000



15 000

$30 000



20 000

$40 000



30 000

$60 000



40 000

$80 000



50 000

$100 000



75 000

$200 000



100 000

$300 000



100 000 +

$300 000 +

Subscribing annually allows you to save ~20% compared to the monthly rate.

You can find out the current tariff and limits in the Billing section:

Bot limit

3 free bots are available on each tariff. If you need more bots, you can add them in unlimited quantities. The cost of each additional bot is $10/month.

Trial period

After creating an account with Zenedu, you have 14 days to test the platform's features for free.

The only limit, except for 3 bots, is up to 1,000 active subscribers and $1000 revenue in all bots within the account

To continue using the platform after the trial period, you need to pay for a subscription. Otherwise, the account will be blocked: you will lose access to all information, and subscribers will lose the ability to subscribe to bots and receive content.

If during the trial period you reach the limits, subscribers will no longer be able to subscribe to bots, pay for orders, and be added to products.

How to pay for a subscription

To pay for a subscription:

1. Open the "Subscription" tab in your account settings:

2. Choose the tariff you want – Basic or Pro

3. Click on the Start with Basic/Pro button:

4. Enter your email, select a country and click Continue:

5. Choose and enter PayPal email or bank card details and click "Subscribe now":

After paying for the subscription, the account will display key information about the current tariff: its name and cost, subscriber limit, date of the next payment.

How to cancel a subscription

To cancel a subscription:

  1. Click the "Cancel subscription" button in the "Actions" block:

2. In the window that opens, click "Cancel subscription" again:

Access to the platform will be open until the end of the paid period. After that, the account will be blocked.

How to change the tariff

The tariff changes automatically as soon as the number of active subscribers and active clients becomes more or less than the current limit.

Example: you had a tariff of “1,000 subscribers” → the audience has grown to 1,450 subscribers → the current tariff will automatically change to “2,500 subscribers”.

When the tariff changes from one to another, the surcharge will be instantly deducted upon increase, and compensation will be taken into account in the next payment, depending on the number of days spent on each tariff.

Example: you paid for the "1,000 subscribers" plan for $35/month. → after 10 days, the audience in the bot has grown to 2,000 people → you will be automatically transferred to the “2,500 subscribers” tariff for $49/month.

In this case, you will be instantly charged $8 as a surcharge for upgrading to a higher plan. The next payment of $49 for the "2500 subscribers" tariff will be debited according to the schedule.

How the amount of surcharge or compensation is calculated:

To find out the cost of one day - divide the cost of the tariff by 30 days

20 days unspent on the 1,000 subscriber plan cost $24 = ($1.2 x 20)

20 days spent on the 2,500 subscriber plan cost $32 = ($1.6 x 20)

The amount of the instant copay will be $8 = ($32 - $24)

How to change the payment period

To change the payment period:

1.Click "Pay annually/monthly":

2. Click "Pay annually/monthly" to confirm the change:

When you change the subscription Monthly → Annual - you will be instantly charged the amount of additional payment for the annual subscription. The next payment will be automatically posted after 1 year.

If you change the subscription Annual → Monthly - the next payment will be charged at the end of the paid annual period. After that, all new payments will be automatically made every month.

How to change the payment method

To change your payment method:

1.Click on the "Change" button in the "Payment method" block:

2. Choose a new payment method - PayPal or bank card:

3. Enter your email. PayPal mail or bank card details and click "Update card details":

How to make a refund

To return the money for a subscription, write to us in support via chat on the platform or in Telegram.

Refunds are possible within 14 days from the date of payment for the first subscription. All subsequent payments are non-refundable. More details in the Terms of Use.

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