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How to move to Zenedu from another platform
How to move to Zenedu from another platform

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Three steps to move

1. Create Zenedu account

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Follow the instructions in just 5 simple steps in 5 minutes to create an account and get acquainted with the basic features of the platform

2. Transfer content to Zenedu

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📚 Create products and fill them with content

Add any materials up to 2 GB to lessons: text, images, video, audio, files, stickers, voice or video messages. Content storage is unlimited.

🕓 Customize when content is sent to subscribers

Send lessons at the exact time, on request or according to an individual schedule. Open materials for viewing at any moment through the menu

🔒 Customize the time and conditions of access to products

Give subscribers access to the product for a certain time. For example, for 3 months or before the New Year. After this time passes, they will lose access to the content.

3. Bring your audience to Zenedu

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🔗 Copy the product link

If necessary, limit the duration of the link and the number of clicks on it. You can also turn on the collection of contacts so that people leave their mail and phone number at the very start.

✉️ Make a newsletter for the audience

Send an email to students on the current platform encouraging them to follow the link and subscribe to the bot. After the subscription, they will have access to the product and will be able to continue their education.

💥 Additional Features

If you need to open access for people to several products at the same time and make sure that only existing customers can follow the link, write to us in the chat support on this page or in Telegram. We will help.

If you are moving from a chatbot constructor (BotHelp, Salebot, SmartSender…) and you already have a Telegram bot with subscribers that you want to transfer to Zenedu, please also write to us in support. In this case, people will not have to follow the links, they will get access to the products in the same bot.

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