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How to connect NOWPayments
How to connect NOWPayments
Updated over a week ago

To connect NowPayments to Zenedu, you need to:

1. Go to your NowPayments personal account and click on "Settings", "Payments":

2. Go to "API keys" and copy the value of "Key":

Do not close this page, we will need to enter this data on the platform.

3. Go to "Instant payment notifications" and copy the value of "IPN secret key":


Do not close this page, these are the details we will need to enter on the platform.

4. Go to "Account Settings"on the Zenedu platform, choose tab "Payment methods" and click "Add":

5.Enter a name for this payment method and select the type"NOWPayments":

6. Fill in all fields in the window that appears and click on "Add":

In the API Key and IPN Secret Key fields specify data from the payment system settings.


You can now accept payments through NOWPayments!

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