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How to connect plata by mono
How to connect plata by mono
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To connect payments from Monopay you need:

1. Go to Monobank's website and apply for acquiring:

2. After confirmation, authorize through the mobile application:

3. Click "Internet" under "Acquiring":


4. Click "Acquiring Management":


5. Generate the token and copy it:


6. Go to "Account Settings" on the Zenedu platform and click "Add":

7. Select a name for this payment method. In the "Type" field specify plata by mono:

8. Enter the generated token and click "Add":.

How to activate acceptance of subscription payments

If you plan to accept subscription payments via plata by mono, you need to activate the tokenization function of your Merchant to accept recurring payments.

To activate it, you need to contact the mono bank support service from the financial phone number to which your Merchant is registered, with a request to activate the tokenization function (recurring payments).

The service will be activated within 48 hours after the request.

If you do not activate subscription payment acceptance on the plata by mono side - the customer will only be able to pay the tariff for the first time (e.g. for 1 month). After the end of this period, subsequent payments will not be charged and access to products, channels or groups in Zenedu will be closed.

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