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Subscription access
Subscription access
Updated over a week ago

Thanks to this feature, you can set a limited access time for your content.

How to enable subscription payments

1. Go to the Tariffs section and click on the Create tariff button:

2. Enter the name of the tariff:

3. Add a product to which you want to connect subscription payments:

In the window that appears, select the option you need from the list

4. Select the type of payment Subscription:

5. Specify the cost, currency and subscription period:

6. Choose a payment method:

Important: At the moment, subscription payments only work with WayForPay, Fondy, Stripe, Monopay!

If you use the WayForPay or Monobank payment system, then for subscription payments to work correctly, you need to connect the function of working with tokens for recurring payments to your merchandise.


To do this, you need to contact WayForPay support at [email protected] and send them a message with the following content:

"Good afternoon! Please enable token processing for merchant *merchant name* in order to use recurring payments on the platform."


You need to contact the Monopay support service from the financial phone number to which your merchant is registered.With a request to activate the tokenization option (recurring payments).The service is activated within 48 hours after the request.

7. Click on the Create button:

8. Tariff created! Now click on the Get Link button, copy the link and send it to potential customers - they can use it to pay the tariff:

Manage subscriptions in a subscriber's profile

Now you can manage and view the subscription status directly from his profile on the platform.

1.Go to the Subscribers section

2. Open subscriber profile

3. Go to the Subscriptions section

Here you can see the tariff name, payment amount, subscription status and subscription start/end date.

4. Click on ⋮ to the right of the subscription end dates

5. Select the desired action from the list

Cancel - Cancels the subscription. The subscriber has access until the end of the paid period.
Delete - completely erases all information about the subscription from the subscriber's profile, access to the product is closed instantly.

Subscription management through the bot menu

After creating a tariff with subscription payment, the /subscriptions command will be automatically generated in the bot menu.

By clicking on it in the bot settings, you can change the description of the team.

At the subscriber, the command is displayed like this:

When you click on it, the subscriber will see the name of the course to which he has subscribed access. The subscriber can see the cost, period and date of the next payment. It also has the option to unsubscribe.

Order filtering

Now in the "Orders" section there is an opportunity to display only one-time payments or only payments with the "Subscription" status.

For this you need:

1. Go to the "Orders" section

2. Open "Filters"

3. In the window that appears, select the desired payment type

After the performed actions, the screen will display a list of subscribers with the type of payment we need.

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