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Zenedu features
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Zenedu is a platform for learning in Telegram.

You can create and sell marathons, courses, mentoring, subscription clubs and other educational products in your favorite messenger.

Launch in minutes, not days. Without technical skills where people are more comfortable.

Key features of Zenedu:

🎓 Education

  • Creation of different types of products: marathon, course, webinar, coaching, etc.

  • Add any content up to 2 GB: text, images, GIFs, videos, audio, files, stickers, voice or video messages. For Telegram Premium owners – up to 4 GB.

  • Unlimited storage space for content

  • Automatic delivery of content on demand or according to a schedule

  • Stop lessons and check homework

  • Creating a student personal account with product navigation

  • Protection of content from forwarding, saving and copying

  • Auto-delete content sent to subscribers

  • Flexible conditions for opening and restricting access to products

  • Adding people to collaborate on a project

💵 Marketing and Sales

  • Creating marketing funnels and landing pages inside the bot

  • Accepting payments via WayForPay, Fondy, Paypal and manual payment methods in 18 currencies

  • Automatic issuance of access to the product after payment

  • CRM with order list and sales statistics

  • Sending messages to different subscriber segments

👥 Subscribers

  • A complete subscriber profile with key information about him: activity, contacts, income, funnels, products, orders, tags, notes

  • Subscriber segmentation using filters

  • Mass actions with subscribers: from adding tags to changing product access times

  • Quick search for subscribers by name, username, phone or email

💬 Chats

  • Personal communication with subscribers in the same place where they are trained

  • Send and receive any content up to 2 GB: text, images, GIFs, videos, audio, files, stickers, voice or video messages. For Telegram Premium owners – up to 4 GB.

  • Viewing and editing a subscriber's profile right during a dialogue with him

  • Closing irrelevant chats to focus on important conversations

  • Search among chats by names and usernames of subscribers

  • Deleting and editing sent messages

  • Notifications about new messages in the Telegram bot

📈 Analytics

  • Subscriber statistics - how many and when people subscribed, how many of them are active or unsubscribed

  • Product stats - how many people started the product, are going through it right now, stopped or completed the training

  • Step stats - how many people have received or are just waiting to receive a particular message/lesson

  • Reach to the end of the product with conversions at each stage

  • The subscriber's progress in the product: when and what content he has already received, what content is planned to be sent in the future

  • The number of sales and the amount of income in the context of tariffs, products and subscribers

💥 Where to begin

To get started with Zenedu, log in to the platform using the button below and follow 5 simple steps. Only ≈10 minutes to launch the first product.

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