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How to accept payments in Zenedu
How to accept payments in Zenedu

Automatically or manually

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Thanks to the rates you can accept payments from subscribers inside the bot and on the landing page.

1. How to accept payments in the bot

After clicking the payment link to the bot, the subscriber will immediately have a telegram launch and activate your bot:

After clicking on the"Pay" button, the subscriber will be prompted to choose a convenient payment method:

Payment takes place in the bot itself, through the payment system of your choice:

After successful payment, the subscriber automatically gets access to your course:

2. How to accept payments on a landing page

With this feature, you can accept payments outside of the bot.

After clicking on the link to make a payment, your landing page opens:

You can customize the landing page to fit your course. Детальнее тут.

After clicking on the "Buy" button, the subscriber will be offered to choose a convenient payment method and enter the e-mail address to which the access letter will be sent:

This is how the payment process looks like on the example of one of the payment systems:

After successful payment, you will see a thank you page with a button that will redirect you to the bot:

3. Quick payment

With Quick Pay, customers no longer need to enter email and other data when paying on the Zenedu landing page.

We'll pull up the email from Fondy, Stripe, WayForPay, or PayPal and send it to you, and you'll be able to access products, channels, or groups.

After payment, the customer will be redirected to the thank you page, where there will be a button with access. You will also receive an email with access to the product

You can set up a quick payment in Account settings → Payment methods → Quick payment

4. Direct payment

With direct payment, customers will be able to go directly to the WayForPay, Fondy, Stripe, or PayPal payment page without any extra steps.

Access to products, channels, or groups will be issued on the thank you page after payment and sent to the email address they provide during the purchase.

Where to find: Get link to the tariff → Direct payment

5. How to create a rate to accept payments

1. Go to the "Tariffs" section and click on the "Create tariff" button:

2. Enter the name of the tariff:

3. Add the products that the subscriber will have access to after paying the tariff:

4. Enter the tariff cost and select the currency:

5. Click the "Create" button:

6. The tariff is created! You can also customize the tariff for yourself by adding a description of your course, as well as an image in the "Description" section.

Now click on the "Get Link" button, copy the link and send it to potential customers - they can use it to pay for the tariff by going to the bot or on the landing page:

P. S. You can also accept payments from subscribers via buttons in the steps. Just add a new button → Select the button type "Payment" → Select the desired rate for payment:

6. Tariffs without payment

In tariffs without payment, you can store rates without a single payment method. In such rates, only the add links will be available.

If you accept payments outside of Zenedu, you can use the add links functionality.

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