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How to work with landings
How to work with landings
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Get a link to the webpage

To get a link to the landing page you need to:

1. Select the desired tariff and press "Get link":

2. In the window that appears, select the link "Payment on the landing page":

3. You can also customize the links as desired.

To do this, click on the corresponding icon:

Next, enter the new link and click the icon to confirm the changes:

4 Share this link with your customers.

By clicking on it they will be able to pay for the tariff and get access to the product:

After successful payment, the customer will be redirected to the bot:

Landing page customization

In order to customize your landing page go to the "Description" section in the tariff:

A new section called "Description on the Landing Page" has been added here:

The information you specify in this section will be displayed on your landing page.

Also on this page you can add an image:

Once you have filled in all the required information, click "Save":

Now you can get a link to your landing page and share it with your audience 🎉

Customization of funnel landings takes place in the "Settings" section:

In this section, you can add a cover and description for your landing page:

Displaying paid orders

After payment, you will see information about the paid rate on the landing page in the "Orders" section:

If a customer has paid for an order but has not yet joined the bot and is not a subscriber, the platform displays a randomly generated nickname 🐱

After the customer clicks on the button to switch and subscribes to the bot - the nickname will be replaced with the username from Telegram.

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