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How to become a Zenedu partner
How to become a Zenedu partner
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How the affiliate program works

Thanks to Zenedu's affiliate program, you can earn $600-$3300/year for every 10 friends you invite.

Everything works simply:

  1. You recommend Zenedu to other people and share your referral link with them.

  2. When a new user registers with Zenedu using your link, you will receive a 20% commission from their first and all subsequent payments, and they will receive 30 days of free use of the platform.

  3. The money earned can be withdrawn to the Zenedu balance or to a bank card.

For more details, please see The Terms of the Affiliate Program.

How to become a partner

To become a partner of Zenedu:

1. Go to the affiliate program registration page → enter your name, email and password → click Sign up now:

2. Select your time zone and click Next:.

3. Enter the address:


4. Fill in the additional information:


5. Enter the name of the bank and the number of the bank card to which you want to receive payments → click Finish:

6. Go to the Dashboard: tab

7. Copy the referral link and share it with your audience:

What the partner's office looks like

A brief overview of the main sections of your account that you will need in your work:


Key metrics for the affiliate program:

  • Clicks - the number of clicks on the referral link in the last 28 days

  • Conversions - the number of payments to Zenedu by referrals in the last 28 days

  • Comissions amount - the amount of approved commissions that can be withdrawn to a bank card


Detailed analytics on the affiliate program:


List of payments and commissions from referrals:

The Reviewed / Approved column displays the status of the commission:

  • ✔️ - confirmed

  • ❌ - rejected

  • ⏳ - under review


History of payments received:

To change the payment details, delete the current card number and add a new one.

How to personalize the link

To personalize the link, go to the Assets page:

Click on Edit referral code:

Make the change and click on Save:

Important! After saving, the previous link will no longer work!

How to receive the payment

To withdraw your earnings to your Zenedu, USDT, or Payoneer balance, write to our support team.

We make payments from $25 on request no more than once a month.

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