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5 steps to build your community

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To create a channel with exclusive content - follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Create a group or channel

To get started with groups and channels - create your community in 1 minute:

1. Open Telegram and click on "New Group" or "New Channel"

2. Enter a name, description and add an avatar of the channel/group:

3. Select the community type "Private" :

4. Click "Save":

5. Community created!

2. Connect your community to Zenedu.

1.Select the bot you want to connect your community to and press "⋮" :

2. Go to the bot settings:

3. Open the "Channels and Groups" section:

4. Click on "Add channel or group":

5. Select the type of community you want to connect to Zenedu:

After which you will get the following message:

6. Add your bot to the community administrators:

Select the required permissions and click "Save"

Your community is now displayed in the bot's settings:

3. Set up subscription access

1. Go to the "Offers" section and click on the "Add Offer" button:

2. Enter the name of the offer:

3. Add your community to which you want to set up subscription access:

In the window that appears, select "Channel or Group":

Next, select your community and click "Add":

4. Select the payment type "Subscription":

5. Specify the cost, currency and expiry date of the subscription:

6. Select a payment method:

7. Click on the "Create" button:

8. Order created!

4. Protect your content

Protecting your content is a very important feature so that you can keep your content within the community.

With protection enabled, your subscribers will not be able to copy messages, forward or save attachments.

To enable protection, you need to:

1.Open your channel/group settings:

2. Go to "Manage Channel" :

3. Select "Channel Type":

4. Switch on the "Restrict saving content" function :

5. Click "Save":

Now your content is protected!

5. Share the link

Once you've created your community and activated your tariff, it's time to invite your first subscribers.

All you need to do is to click on the "Get link" button and select "Copy" in the opened window. Now you can share the received link with your audience:

By following this link, your subscribers will be able to pay and access your community.

From the subscriber's side, it looks as follows:

1. After clicking the link, click "Start" in the bot:

2. Click "Pay":

3. Choose a payment method that is convenient for you:

4. Pay the fare:

5. After successful payment, click "Join" in the message that appears:

Send Request to join:

You have gained access to a closed community 🎉

Subscriber access is granted automatically, without additional confirmations.

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