How to connect Meta Pixel
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Meta Pixel is a piece of code to measure, optimize and build audiences for ad campaigns.

To connect Meta Pixel you need to:

1. Access the Facebook Pixel page using your Facebook account. Open the "Events Manager" tab:

2. Press the "+" to connect the data sources:

3. Select the "Web" source and click "Connect":

4. Add a name for your Pixel and click "Create Pixel":

5. Paste a link to your website to check if you can connect quickly and click next:

Performing this step is optional. You can also skip it and continue creating the pixel.

6. Select the "Do-it-yourself" addition method:

7. Click "Install Code Manually":

7. You need to find the fbq function and copy the 15-digit or 16-digit code next to 'init' that looks like '1125058001248196':

9. Connect Facebook Pixel to zenedu:

To do this, open the bot settings:

Click on the "Landings" tab:

Paste the Pixel code into the line "Facebook Pixel ID" :

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