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How to add an employee
How to add an employee

Для совместной работы над проектом.

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Employee roles

Every employee at Zenedu has one of three roles:

  • The owner - is the only person who can delete the account or transfer ownership of it to someone else.
    Administrator - has access to all sections and features of the platform, but cannot delete the account or transfer the rights to own it to someone else.

  • Employee - has access only to those sections and features of the platform to which you open access. At the same time, he will not be able to manage bots and make changes to the account settings.

How to add an employee

To add an employee to work on a project:

1. Hover over your avatar and click "Account Settings"

2. Go to the "Members" tab:

3. Click on the "Invite" button:

4. Select a role for the employee:

5. Select the bots the employee will have access to:

Important: if you select "Access to all bots" - the employee will also have access to all new bots that will be added in the future.

6. Select the access rights required for the employee and click the button "Create Link":

7. Copy the login link and send it to the employee:

You can only click on the link once per 24 hours.

How to change an employee's role

1. Click on the employee's avatar or name:

2. Make the necessary changes and click on the "Save" button:

How to remove an employee

1. Click on the cross to the right of your name:

2. In the window that opens, click the "Delete" button:

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