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Advantages of the Telegram video player
Advantages of the Telegram video player
Updated over a week ago

1. Download videos of any length up to 2 GB. For Telegram Premium owners - up to 4 GB.

2. Unlimited video storage space

3. Protect videos from forwarding, saving and screen recording

Taking into account the fact that sharing a personal account in a messenger is much more difficult than sending a login and password from a training platform, you get one of the most reliable ways to protect content on the network.

4. Instant start video without preloading

You can watch the video immediately after clicking on the button, just like on YouTube. After that, it is saved in the Telegram cache and is available for re-viewing even without access to the Internet.

5. View videos outside the messenger

Thanks to the picture-in-picture mode, lessons can be watched over other applications. On any device. Convenient when you want to get rid of annoying notifications in Telegram or take notes while watching a video

6. Slow down or speed up video: 0.5, 1.5, 2X

7. Fast forward and rewind video

8. Choose a video cover

9. Timecode

10. Video broadcasts with unlimited participants, automatic recording, the ability to share the screen and connect other streaming programs like OBS Studio

Host sales webinars, masterminds, lectures or live assignments directly inside Telegram.

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