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How to work with orders
How to work with orders
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Orders is a section that allows you to view statistics on purchases within the bot.

To get started — open the "Orders" section on the platform:

Orders and their statuses

Going to the "Orders" section you will immediately see the general statistics on orders and their list:

Orders have different statuses:

  • Paid - orders that users have paid for and accessed your products.

  • Waiting - the subscriber clicked on the payment link/button but did not complete the checkout process to the end.

  • Not confirmed - orders that have been paid by manual payment method and are waiting for your confirmation.

    To turn an order into "Paid" you need to click on the corresponding button opposite to such order:

Order filtering

In order to filter orders by the parameter you need - click on the "Filters" button.

Several filters are available:

  • Status

  • Type of payment - one-time payment or subscription

  • Payment method - payment system

  • Tariff - filtering by specific tariff

  • Currency

Orders export

To upload the list of orders - open the corresponding section on the platform:

Use the filters to select the parameters you want :

After that, click on "Export":

Your order list will then be automatically downloaded to your computer:

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